Stacy takes pride in being a role model and loves helping others.
I enrolled Stacy in the programs at Children’s Dispensary when she was just seven years old. She has remained ever since. Before participating in the Children’s Dispensary programs Stacy had some struggles with behavior and making friends, but those days are behind us. As a parent it’s important to me that Stacy can enjoy recreational experiences with her peers. “A Place to Be Me”, programming by Children’s Dispensary has provided that for her exposing her to new activities and new friends.

Diagnosed with MMR and Cri du Chat Syndrome, a 5th Chomozone disorder, noise has been one area where Stacy experienced challenges. Through her participation at “A Place To Be Me” she has improved her noise tolerance. A new world has opened up for Stacy, bringing new places to go, both with family and friends that previously were off limits due to the noise level.

Stacy has also blossomed in her communication skills since participating in “A Place To Be Me” programming. Because of Cul Du Sac Syndrome she has struggles with speech, but thanks to the new Technology Initiative at “A Place To Be Me”, she can utilize an iPad to express herself and communicate with others. She is becoming quite a photographer as well, learning how to take pictures with the iPad.

Stacy is a regular at Monday night bowling. I’m thrilled that she has a physical outlet for her energy. Stacy is like any other young person in that she wants to have fun and hang-out with friends. “A Place To Be Me” has given her that opportunity. Bowling time is all about working together as a team, and hanging with friends over pizza and soda.

I am so proud of what Stacy has accomplished. She has taken on the roll of youth counselor, guiding younger participants when they need some assistance. She takes pride in being a role model and loves helping others.

I truly appreciate the lessons and experiences Stacy has had at “A Place To Be Me”, from riding horses, bowling and swimming to arts, crafts, drama, technology and various field trips in the community.

I would recommend “A Place to Be Me” by Children’s Dispensary, to any parent looking for activities for their child. “A Place To Be Me” is that place where they will be treated with respect and care while they have fun.

Thank you “A Place To Be Me”!

Stacy’s mom